DUMP! Multispecies Making and Unmaking

Aarhus Kunsthal, Denmark. 26. June 2015 – 20. September 2015

Exhibition, co-curated with Steven Lam and Sarah Lookofsky. Exhibition Participants: AURA; Amy Balkin et al.; Lothar Baumgarten; Mabe Bethonico; Bob Braine, Mark Dion, Alexis Rockman; Patty Chang; Peter Fend; Fernando Garcia-Dory; Jacqueline Goss; Tue Greenfort; Henning Knudsen & Anna Tsing; Donna Haraway; Dana Sherwood; Åsa Sonjasdotter; Spurse; Kidlat Tahimik; Etienne Turpin; Cecilia Vicuna; Pawel Wojtasik; and The Yes Men.

Playing with the Kunsthal’s two-year exhibition theme of “Collective Making,” DUMP! asked viewers to consider who constitutes the “collective” and what counts as “making.”

An exhibition and a manifesto, DUMP! gathered artists, scientists, and organisms to (1) explore multispecies socialities that persist in the garbage dumps and rubble of industrialization and colonialism, and (2) contest the celebration of technoscientific fixes and relentless production that permeate contemporary discourse. An extraordinary mix of installations, videos, prints, and performative objects occupied the entire Kunsthal space (inside and outside, daytime and night time) to explore waste, contamination, and decomposition as emergent sites of collectivity or composting. Mixing art museum, natural history museum, and exploratorium, DUMP! offered twenty propositions for refusing ruination.

Spurse’s contribution to the exhibition included a diagram of multi-species commoning pragmatics, as well as series of workshops and publications. More information about the exhibition can be found here and the catalog can be downloaded here.