I’ll be exhibiting in Learn a River’s Name at the Schuylkill Environmental Center for Education. TOpening to the public on January 25, the artists in this exhibition (Camp Little Hope, Matthew Friday, Dylan Gauthier, Ana Berta Hernandez, Mare Liberum, Sandy Sorlien, and Danielle Toronyi) seek a profound connection through their work, asking how can art help us to know, value, and steward the rivers around us. Learn a River’s Name includes works that reveal something unseen about a water body’s characteristics. With a focus on the Mid-Atlantic region, these artists explore rivers and streams that we might ourselves get to know—the Schuylkill, Delaware, Brandywine, and Hudson Rivers. Gallery Opening January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. More info can be found here.

SPURSE is excited to participate in the exhibition Breaking Bread: Artists Explore Food Practices at William Paterson University Galleries from November 1 – December 13, 2017. The show features work that examines our multifaceted relationship to food. While eating is generally a mundane daily routine, this exhibition considers how we find our food, with whom we consume it, and what meaning is created through these experiences. For more info see the following website.

We just published the EAT YOUR SIDEWALK COOKBOOK. It is an ecological reimagining of how, what and where to eat. Part urban foraging manifesto and wholly a joyous call to ecological action. The Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook is an extended meditation on our place in the world in the age of the Anthropocene. It develops recipes for profoundly reconnecting to our environment, and rethinking how we cook and eat as a pleasurable ecological act. It evolves the Slow Food movement, expanding “farm to table” into “sidewalk to table”. The website can be found here. (2017)

SPURSE was selected as visiting artists for a Carnegie Mellon funded Art + Environment residency at Pitzer College, outside of LA. We finished our project, a reworking of the campus as an interspecies commons, this coming winter. A comprehensive website for the project can be found here. (2015).

As part of the Eat Your Sidewalk campaign we’re participating in exhibitions/events at Bard, the Wignall Museum and Marymont University. (2015)